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What you need to know about the .app domain

What you need to know about .app domain

Google first acquired the rights to the .app registry in 2015 after bidding $25m for it but nothing happened after Google acquired it. However, recently Google has stated that it will be releasing the .app domain to the public, and not only for verified apps / developers as was what they intended to do with the .app domain initially   There will be 3 main phases for this .app domain 1. Trademark domains Google will contact some trademark owners to see if they wish to have their trademark registered under the .app registry   2. Early acess period Early access period, or EAP, will be from May 1 to May 8. It will be conducted in a dutch-auction format. The EAP pricing will decrease as each day passes. The pricing starts at 10k+ and decreases till about 100+ usd. Prices will vary with registrars as some may charge for early access Sample prices (will vary with registrar) May 1: 11,999 USD May 2: 2,999 USD May 3: 1,199 USD May 4: 649 USD May 5: 199 USD May 6: 149 USD May 7: 129 USD   3. Public sale Everyone will be able to buy it now. Though if you do not want to participate in the EAP, some registrats will attempt to purchase the domain for you when it is immediately available on May 8. A fee is usually charged for this   FAQ 1. Where can I check the domain availability? Go to 2. Where can i check the list registrars that support early access period? Go to 3. Where can i check the list of registrars that supports .app domains? Go to and some registrars are marked in red with ‘EAP’ 4. What will the pricing be after it is publicly available? Google has said that the wholesale prices are $10-$12 so expect registrars to mark up the prices by as much as 100% or more.
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