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Setup PHP WordPress Dev Envrionment for Windows

Setup PHP WordPress Dev Envrionment

Requirements :
    1. Have a local php dev environment setup (MAMP/XAMPP/..)
If you have not already setup your local dev environment, you can do so by following my tutorial here Now that you have a local php dev environment, installing WordPress is very easy.
  1. Go to the wordpress download page here and download the latest wordpress.
  2. Extract the archive to the directory of your web server. The default for XAMPP is C:\xampp\htdocs
  3. Start up Apache and MySQL
  4. Open a browser and go to http://localhost/wordpress/ and you will be greeted a page as shown below
  5. Go to your phpMyAdmin and create a database named wordpress_dev. You need not create any tables. You can refer to the images below
    xampp phpmyadmin
    xampp phpmyadmin
    xampp phpmyadmin home
    xampp phpmyadmin home
    xampp phpmyadmin create tables
    xampp phpmyadmin create tables
    xampp phpmyadmin create database
    xampp phpmyadmin create database
  6. Go back to the browser and continue with the installation, filling up the necessary details. The default username and password for MySQL in XAMPP is root and nothing/blank(there is no password)
  7. Click Continue and setup some of your other WordPress settings
  8. Your done !
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