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Reset PostgreSQL password in Windows

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.6\data – replace 9.6 with whatever version your on. This is the default installation path. If you installed your PostgreSQL somewhere else, then change the path accordingly
  2. Make a backup of pg_hba.conf
  3. Open and edit pg_hba.conf
  4. You will see a line like host all all md5
  5. Replace md5 with trust, so it becomes host all all trust
  6. Do the same for the ipv6
  7. Restart your PostgreSQL service by running services.msc or Task Manager -> Services
  8. Open CMD
  9. Run psql -U postgres -h localhost
  10. Run the command ALTER USER postgres with password ‘NewPassword’;
  11. Revert changes to pg_hba.conf and restart postgres service again.
  12. Done

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