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Python pingsweep script

Python pingsweep script

This python pingsweep script basically does a ping sweep over a specified ip range (with cidr notation) and generates the output in a .txt file . it should work on both python2+ and python3+ Output will give the following fields
  • ip address
  • reverse nslookup for domain name
  • get title of website if any
  • get http code
It currently is only able to do /24 scans (256 ips).If i have time in the future i will work on it to accept any ip range, and hopefully make it multi-threaded so that scans don’t take too low. The code may be outdated. So best to refer to github link below
# ping sweep
# firstly, we ping to see if the server at ip is alive
# secondly, we test to see if it responds to http request(80)

import subprocess
import os
import urllib.request
import socket

def log_ping(file_name, msg):
    with open(file_name, "a") as ipFile:
        ipFile.write(msg + "\n")

def http_ping(ip):
        response = urllib.request.urlopen("http://" + ip).getcode()
        return response
        return 0
def rdns_lookup(ip):
        return socket.gethostbyaddr(ip)
    except socket.error:
        return "<couldnt get domain name>"
def get_html_title(ip):
    webpage = urllib.request.urlopen("http://" + ip).read()
    html = str(webpage)
    if "<title>" in html: #sometimes the document doesnt have a title tag
        title = html.split('<title>')[1].split('</title>')[0]
        return title
    return "<cant parse title>"
ip = input("Enter a /24 in the format e.g 10.21.32. : ")	
if ip.count('.') != 3:
    input("IP Format is wrong. Please restart and try again ")
file_name = ip + "0.txt"
log_ping(file_name, "The format is as follow - <ip address>, <active>, <http response code>, <html title>")
with open(os.devnull, "wb") as limbo:
    for n in range(0, 256):
        scan_ip = ip + str(n) 
        result=subprocess.Popen(["ping", "-n", "1", "-w", "200", scan_ip],
        stdout=limbo, stderr=limbo).wait()
        if result:
            msg = scan_ip + " inactive"
            log_ping(file_name, msg)
            response = http_ping(scan_ip)
            title = ""
            if response == 200:
                title = get_html_title(scan_ip)
            domain = rdns_lookup(scan_ip)
            msg = scan_ip + "({0})".format(domain) + " active, " + str(response) + " , " + title
            log_ping(file_name, msg)
Github link : here    
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