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List Of Free CDNs To Speed Up Your Site

List Of Free CDNs To Speed Up Your Site

The order of which I am listing the CDNs are random, and does not testify as to how good or bad they are.
  1. Cloudflare Cloudflare has always been a popular free solution among many users and can certainly how to boost your website’s loading time by a large margin. Some of the features offered by CloudFlare:
      • Globally load balanced CDN
      • Large PoP network
      • Rocket Loader
      • Content caching with controls such as instant purging
      • HTTP/2 and SPDY
      • DDoS protection
      • Page rules
      • Bot and spam protection
  2. Incapsula Incapsula is a less known alternative to Cloudflare. It is, however lacking features that Cloudflare has, but nonetheless a good alternative if you are not satisfied with Cloudflare. Some features they offer are :
      • Globally load balanced CDN
      • IPV6
      • Bot and spam protection
      • Statistics and monitoring tools
  3. Site Accelerator (formerly Photon) by Jetpack Site Accelerator, formerly known as Photon, is a free image CDN targeted at WordPress users. So, if you have a site that uses WordPress and has many images, this is a great free CDN that can help to speed up your site for your user. As you should know, images take up a large portion of a visitor’s loading time on the page.
  4. Netlify Netlify is not your typical CDN in that they do not work they same way as how a CDN usually do. Instead, Netlify targets users who wishes to host their static site but yet have great loading times by loading your static sites via their CDN.
  5. INXY INXY has 35 POPs in USA and Europe, and 48 POPs globally. They offer a free plan of 10GB traffic in USA and Europe, and a free plan of 5GB traffic globally. Although not much, it is certainly great for sites that are low in traffic, but yet still wishes to boost their site’s speed while keeping costs low.
  6. Gullo CDN Gullo CDN is a new CDN targeted for users in the USA. Currently, it is a USA-only CDN, meaning that the POPs they have are all based in USA.
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