Best Paid cPanel Alternatives

Best PAID cPanel Alternatives

With the recent changes to cPanel pricing structure, both providers and individuals are scrambling to look for alternative solutions to cPanel. Here are some of the better paid alternatives to cPanel that are affordable with reasonable pricing structure.

Direct Admin

DirectAdmin is touted as the closest comparable panel to cPanel. Although it is still lacking in some areas as compared to cPanel, such as in available plugins, it is probably the next best panel after cPanel. With the changes in the cPanel pricing structure, you can expect that many providers to be flooding over to DirectAdmin. Eventually, that means that development for DirectAdmin will be sped up in many ways.

The pricing for DirectAdmin is as shown below

DirectAdmin pricing structure
DirectAdmin pricing structure

Centos Web Panel (CWP)
Centos Web Panel is a relatively new panel as compared to other panels. It offers a free version, as well as a paid version CWP Pro. Its paid version, compared to other panels, is much more affordable. It has all the basic features a web panel needs and more, and is definitely great if you are an individual looking for a cPanel alternative. However, if you are a provider, it may not be the best solution for you.

The pricing for CWP Pro is as shown below

CWP pricing structure


Interworx is an alternative solution to cPanel that works for providers. However, it is known to be quite buggy in the past, and I am not sure how this has changed. Nonetheless, it should have hopefully improved over the years.

The pricing structure for Interworx is as follow

Interworx pricing structure
Interworx pricing structure


If you are looking for free alternatives to cPanel, you may look here


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Virtualmin How To Change PHP Execution Time Limit

Virtualmin How To Change PHP Execution Time Limit

In order to change the execution time limit of your scripts, you will need to change 2 options in Virtualmin. First, which you should probably already know is the PHP max_execution_time variable. Secondly, you will need to change the Maximum PHP Script Run Time option.

Changing the PHP maximum_execution_time variable
  1. Assuming you have already entered Virtualmin and selected the domain you want to manage, click on the Services category.
  2. It will then open up to more options. Click either PHP 5 Configuration or PHP 7.0 Configuration according to what your domain is using (by default domains use PHP 7.0)1. change php 5 or 7 timeout limit
  3. Finally, change the timeout you want accordingly as shown below. Use the value 0 for unlimited or infinite execution time

Changing the Maximum PHP Script Run Time Option
  1. Click on the Server Configuration category
  2. Click the sub-category Website Options
  3. You should see the Maximum PHP Script Run Time option. Change it to whatever you wish. Use the value 0 for unlimited or infinite execution time2. change website options timeout limit

If you require any assistance, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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